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Cara Lloyd’s Success Story

My story begins back when I was in my twenties. I was diagnosed with Reactive Hypoglycemia after eating a sugary breakfast food.  My glucose level shot up and then plummeted to 30! I was sent to an Endourologist to monitor this condition. Over the years, he diagnosed me with also having PCOS and quickly put me on a common diabetes medication. A few years later, I became pregnant with my third child, and within the first trimester I developed Gestational Diabetes. I was put on 4 shots of insulin a day, and was scheduled with the Endo’s nutritionist that taught the basic food pyramid. I was told, if your glucose levels go up, simply inject more insulin. I now know that I was being taught the wrong information. At 20 weeks gestation, my son was pronounced dead and I had to deliver him.

You would think this would have woken me to how poor my health had become, but it didn’t. I just spiraled into depression which lead to more medication. I was one of those mothers that didn’t get better after having gestational diabetes, as my follow-up diagnosis was Type-2 diabetes. I continued to take the insulin shots, in addition to anti-depression medication. I packed on more and more weight every month. Soon, I was unable to sleep at night, and my doctor’s answer was sleeping pills. This downward spiral continued for a couple more years, and high blood pressure and cholesterol medications were also added to my growing list of prescriptions. My husband would say, “You take a pill to go to sleep and you take a pill to wake up.” It was true. I took handfuls of prescribed and over the counter medications every day.

In 2010, I watched my father go through dialysis and then a kidney transplant, due to uncontrolled diabetes. I knew this would certainly be my future before I hit age 40. Being the daughter of a beef farmer, I knew that a diet which allowed me to eat steak was certainly a diet I could stay on. So, 13 months later, I had lost over 100 pounds and kept it off… Until I convinced myself that I deserved cheat days, cheat holidays, cheat birthdays, and then eventually cheat vacations. With this flawed thinking, over the course of 5 years, I had gained back 50 pounds, all because I was only sticking to my low-carb diet 90% of the time.

It wasn’t until Jan of 2016 that something clicked in my head. I can pin-point this because it was the first low-carb meeting that I attended, here in my home state of West Virginia. Melanie Miller, the organizer of the meeting, greeted me at the door. I felt welcomed and inspired by the end of the night! You see, I had done this low-carb lifestyle all by myself for years, with much criticism. Now there were people just like me to talk to. A spark arose from my spirit, I wanted more! So, every event Melanie posted, I attended. Within the first six months I became a HEALcare® Ambassador and six months later, I’m now the first HEALcare Partner.

What I’ve learned is that sugar, starch, and flour make me sick. So why would I ever reward myself with something that makes me sick?  Would you ever reward yourself with the flu? No. Because that’s just crazy. Well, it’s the same thing. HEALcare has opened my eyes to what I couldn’t see on my own for so many years.

Today, I can proudly say I am living my dream, medication free, and healthier than I have ever been in my life.


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    Wow, going to ponder that, “why would I eat something that makes me sick”? Thank You, you are beautiful!

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    “What I’ve learned is that sugar, starch, and flour make me sick. So why would I ever reward myself with something that makes me sick?”

    I love that statement!!! How true!!! Thank you for sharing.

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    Cara – thanks so much for sharing your story! It really hit me when you said you had done low carb all by yourself for years with much criticism. I just started LCHF April 27 this year, but I am doing it all alone. No doctors in my area support this and I have zero support from family friends or coworkers. I was just sitting here trying not to cry because I feel so all alone in this when I read your story. You are an inspiration to me to stick with it. Thanks!

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      You have a whole community backing you with HEALcare. Its amazing support along with people that really understand where you have come from and where you wanna go! I look forward to seeing your journey so don’t be a stranger on the HEALcare Facebook community page.

  4. Julie Jordan

    So proud of you my friend! You are a true example of making it through the most trying times and taking back your life! ❤

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      Wow, that’s impressive! I hope to be successful too.

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        Take it one day at a time and get active in the HEALcare facebook community page. You’ll always have people that to support you!

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      Your support and friendship mean the world to me! I’m super proud of the inspirational leader you have become. Thanks for always being my low carb buddy.


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