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Do You Already Have Pre-Diabetes?

risk preventionA recent study found that 91% of people surveyed did not know they had pre-diabetes. Consequently most people didn’t take steps to prevent the onset of type-2 diabetes, a disease which is almost always preventable. Once they knew they were at high risk, they were thirty percent more likely to take action. A very effective action is eating a Low-Carbohydrate diet based upon a specific protocol, developed by HEAL Clinics. This way of eating significantly decreases the odds of developing this disease. The HEAL Protocol also has the nice side-effect of greatly reducing one’s weight, all without the usual efforts and short-lived results associated with traditional diets.

Unfortunately, our medical system has always been focused primarily on caring for illnesses rather than preventing them. Treatment rather than prevention is far more costly, both financially and in quality of life. It’s essential that both the medical profession and consumers make changes.

HEAL’s mission is to treat ‘pre’ and full-blown diabetes using a prescribed Low-Carb regimen, which results in preventing diabetes and putting those with type-2 diabetes into remission, as well as producing natural and sustainable weight loss.

HEAL’s practitioners are able to evaluate your risk factors for pre-diabetes and personalize an approach that almost always turns back the clock on type-2 diabetes. We are unique in that our approach takes individuals with type-2 diabetes off their “pills and needles”, the traditional way of treating type-2 diabetes, which rarely succeeds in putting this disease into remission. An important part of HEAL’s program includes ongoing behavioral coaching to assist one in making dietary changes a permanent lifestyle. Are you ready to make changes that will allow you to become and stay healthy?

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Disclaimer: This website does not provide medical advice or treatment. Follow the guidance of a physician before embarking on any diabetes-management or weight-loss program, especially if you are on dialysis, pregnant, nursing or under the age of 18. If you are taking medications, changing your diet under the HEALcare® program may require a change in their dosages. Follow your doctor’s orders on all medications, especially if you are taking diuretics or medication for blood pressure or diabetes. Individual results may vary. The testimonials referenced in this website are not promises or guarantees that you will achieve similar results.

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