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Doctors are Overlooking an Important Diagnosis

troubled doctor diabetesPre-diabetes rates in the US continue to rise. It is estimated that one-third of adults have this condition and our kids are not far behind. Complications of diabetes such as damage to the eyes, blood vessels, nerves and kidneys are already beginning in those with pre-diabetes. This makes it vital that we diagnose and treat this condition as soon as it is recognized. However, this apparently isn’t the case; since more than 90% of people with pre-diabetes are unaware they have it.

A recently published article in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine reported that less than one-quarter of patients with pre-diabetes are being treated. The article went on to say that this is true even in those patients whose doctors have an A1C result consistent with the diagnosis of pre-diabetes. ( An A1c level of 5.7% to 6.4% is pre-diabetes.)

Some health surveys report that 30% of people with pre-diabetes will advance to type 2 diabetes within five years and 70% within their lifetimes. Unfortunately, we are missing a huge opportunity because type 2 diabetes is almost always preventable.

The right kind of dietary intervention and weight loss are the two most important treatments to address this dangerous condition. At HEAL our practitioners are well versed in the diagnosis of pre-diabetes and the use of a low carbohydrate protocol that can stop the progression to full blown diabetes, normalize weight and avoid the inevitable consequences of diabetes that is not properly treated.

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    Tell us something we don’t know. We need more low carb doctors/practioners in more communities. It’s so discouraging to be fighting this battle alone (5 months now)without any expert coaching.

    • Jacqueline Eberstein RN

      Judith, At HEAL we are working hard at training Partners to work with people who qualify for our non-medical program. This offers assistance with following low carb and importantly coaching to support people to adapt low carb as a lifestyle and and change to healthier behaviors. This can be difficult to do on one’s own.

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      The doctors shove a pill down your throat which makes you think your getting better but your not. She tells me Im insulin resistant and prescribes insulin. Contradicts itself. Then the RN says”its easy” im doing something wrong.

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        Nancy Kinsley, can you buy and give your doctor a copy of the book “The Obesity Code” by Dr. Jason Fung, MD? Since it’s written by a medical doctor and contains a thick “Endnotes” section listing all of the research Dr. Fung searched through, your doctor could use it to educate him/herself. If nothing else, you could read it and get good info about manipulating your hormones so that you can lose weight and/or reverse diabetes type 2.


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