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Don’t Give Up! Weight Loss Is Achievable!

An article on WebMD recently reported the results of a survey that tracks Americans health and diet habits. The findings are discouraging. Fewer and fewer overweight or obese people are trying to lose excess body fat, even as more of us are falling into these categories.

This tendency is being seen across genders and ethnic groups, but is especially prevalent among women. Why? We now perceive people who are overweight or obese as the norm. It is hard to lose weight and keep it off with little support.

Mixed dieting messages have also discouraged people. First, it was “Cut all fats!” because they were perceived as unhealthy. However, natural fats are essential to health and, better yet, provide satiety. Next, it was “Cut your calories!” Millions have been trying one scheme or another for decades. They rarely work because the resulting hunger and frustration can ultimately defeat our most concerted efforts at weight loss.

Exercise also has been long touted as an important weight-loss tool. Yes, it is important to exercise, but there is no research that shows it causes weight loss.

Don’t give up. There is another approach, one that doesn’t involve extreme exercise, additional medications, or invasive surgeries. The HEALcare® program provides a weight-loss plan that allows healthy natural fats and protein to satisfy your hunger while controlling the unhealthy carbohydrates that drive appetite and put your health at risk.

An important component of the program is commitment coaching to support turning a diet – a word which seems to imply, for many, a short-term and futile pursuit – into a sustainable lifestyle. The positive metabolic effects of a low-carb diet, along with the support offered by HEALcare, can make all the difference.

Now is the time to make a new weight-loss goal! Fill out our Initial Health Assessment today and see how we can help you achieve it!

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