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Dr. Eric Westman Introduces HEAL™

Dr. Eric Westman introduces HEAL Clinics, and explains how the low-carb protocol has helped innumerable patients reverse type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and obesity.

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    Your graph on insulin levels was helpful, but I would like to know about the weight loss results of some of your patients. What kind of weight loss is usually achieved? Either a percentage or number of pounds over a period of time of perhaps 6 months or a year would be helpful.

    • Ginger Namgostar

      Hi Rita,
      Thank you for your interest! We published a great information packet which includes such weight loss data. If you would please visit the bottom of our home page, and fill out the form for the Power of Low-Carb Kit, you will receive an e-book, along with a couple of other documents, which covers all of the benefits of the low-carb diet.

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    Does your program support T1D? I have been LCHF for several months now & do IF 16:8 very welll. My BG stays within target (FBS & ac dinner the same 90 – 110). Problem is I’ve only lost 2 lbs. Eating lots of fats. Thanks. Really interested if you accept T1D.

    • Ginger Namgostar

      I am afraid that we do not take T1D at this time. We may in the future, and we will keep your name in our database for if our protocol changes. Please reach out to They may be able to point you in the right direction.

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    I received your brochure on 7 weeks type 2diabetes cure program. I have followed 5 weeks of 20 or less carbs. Coming to the end of the program I have nothing to follow after 7 weeks. While I don’t want to stick with 20 carbs a day for the rest of my life, I don’t want to go back to my old life style either. I am 6’3″, 225 lbs. The week before I started the program my blood sugar was 299. After two weeks it was 124. Will test again next week. Have not taken any medications. Any suggestions?

    • Jacqueline Eberstein RN

      Congratulations. Your progress is as good as we expect and will continue as you follow the plan. Diabetes is a chronic condition. Low-carb can put it into remission but you must keep it in remission by closely following your plan. If you eat more carbs or add the most unhealthy ones back your blood sugar and excess weight with return. Measuring an A1C level will be helpful to compare results before low-carb.
      Our goal is to lower your A1C to a non-diabetes range.
      The long term goal is for you to lose more weight which helps with blood sugar control and then find your maintenance lifestyle level.

      Since type 2 diabetes is a condition of carbohydrate intolerance you will need to stay very low-carb to avoid damaging your body and developing the complications of diabetes .Depending upon your age, exercise level, other medications and individual metabolism you may be able to experiment with increasing your salad and vegetables once you are within a few pounds of your wt goal.
      When adding a new food, check blood sugar about 90 minutes after to be sure you level stays within the proper range.

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      If you have seen those kind of results. Why wouldn’t you want to continue with eating low carb. It has to be a way of life

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    I have started the program and feel unusual–I’m not hungry! Before this, I was hungry all the time nd would eat anything or everything because my urge to eat was out of control! I am thrilled.
    I have diabetes, type ll and had good A1c’s, but realized I wasn’t in control and it might not last that they were good. So…here’s hoping!


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