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Dr. Eric Westman Presentation at Low Carb USA West Palm Beach 2019

At the Low Carb USA W. Palm Beach meeting in January, Dr. Eric Westman examined recent developments in the research and clinical practice of keto medicine.  In his presentation “Keto Medicine: The Practice of Carbohydrate Restriction,” he presented his own and third-party data and patient statistics on how carbohydrate restriction provides both weight loss and improved metabolic health.

While many diets – including low-calorie and low-fat diets – can result in weight loss, research shows the ketogenic diet has a superior effect on improving metabolic markers such as blood glucose, insulin, triglycerides, and HDL.  The level of clinical evidence for the efficacy of the ketogenic diet surpasses what is required for FDA approval of a new drug.  The Obesity Medicine Association has endorsed the ketogenic diet.

Because Dr. Westman is one of the few experts who does both clinical research and practices keto medicine, he has a unique perspective on how to make the ketogenic diet both practical and effective.  The presentation gives an overview of an uncomplicated and easy-to-understand “food prescription.”

Clinical evidence is presented from Dr. Westman’s own practice at HEAL Clinics and Duke University, which is considered the “clinic of last resort” for many patients with a variety of serious chronic medical problems including PCOS, IBS, Fatty liver disease, GERD, heart failure, pre-heart transplant patients with implanted left ventricular assist devices, and post-bariatric surgery weight gain.  In the presentation below, view case studies on how keto benefits many of these other health issues in addition to Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity.

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