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Dr. Noakes is Spreading the Word

noakes_fbThe South African Dr. Tim Noakes is spreading the word about Low-Carb diets. He is a convert to the lifestyle after improving his own health by switching over from the low-fat, high carb way of life.

South Africa is the fattest nation in sub-Saharan Africa. It faces the same obesity challenges we face in America. As in the US, the poorest people in Africa are being hurt the most through their consumption of cheap high carb, heavily processed diets of cereals, bread, rice, etc. This population needs education and support systems to empower them to take control of their health, as they can least afford suffering the consequences of obesity and disease.

Dr. Noakes is bringing the word to some of the poorer sections of South Africa with positive and predictable results.

Similarly to the US, many are against change. Yet we know that research supports the healthy effects of a Low-Carb plan and is that the protocol is not a “fad.” Some continue to support the outdated messages that “fat is bad” and eating it will cause diabetes and even cancer.

Everyone deserves the education that going back to eating whole foods that your great- grandparents and grandparents ate is more nutritious and wholesome. It’s the poor quality carbs that make you sick and fat.

You can read more about the message Dr. Noakes is bringing to people who need it the most, here.


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