Enroll in HEALcare®

Three simple steps to weight loss and better health

Take the Initial Health Assessment

It takes less than five minutes to complete, and is reviewed by a HEAL clinician for the sole purpose of recommending the best HEALcare plan for you. It is at no cost to you and does not commit you to enroll in HEALcare.


View your Initial Health Assessment results

Within two to five working days you will receive an email from us with your personalized level of HEALcare service, fees and website location of your designated HEALcare Enrollment Page. Monthly fees are as low as $75 after initial enrollment services. The email will indicate if we recommend medical supervision or a lab blood test.

Enroll in HEALcare

Visit your designated HEALcare Enrollment Page for payment and begin enjoying the benefits.

The immediate benefits of enrolling in HEALcare

You will begin a supported, personalized path to better health through a delicious and easy-to-maintain low-carb dietary plan

Your commitment coaching sessions will be arranged

A one-on-one HEALcare Partner will be assigned to you

You can access Ask Nurse Jackie consultations

The Official HEALcare Handbook including low-carb foods, menus and other valuable information will be sent to you

If determined by your Initial Health Assessment, you will be scheduled for a medical exam

The HEALcare Initial Health Assessment

The HEALcare program starts with you. Your online Initial Health Assessment takes only five minutes to complete and will determine where you’ll begin on the HEALcare path to better health.

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