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Fixing Dad: Type 2 Diabetes Inspiration from an Unexpected Source

Fixing Dad is a UK documentary about a 62 year-old father of two adult men who refused to allow their dad to slip into hopelessness after a surprise diagnosis. Dad is an overweight, sedentary and admittedly stubborn man who has eaten what he wants, especially pasta, bread and potatoes all his life. While awaiting treatment for an ulcer on his toe, probably due to diabetic neuropathy, he was talking with a man who had his foot amputated because of diabetes.

Dad is shocked that diabetes can cause such a severe problem. He is even more distressed when he is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

The documentary takes you though the stages of anger, fear, depression, hopelessness Dad experiences even to the point of thinking his life is over and he should “put his affairs in order”. He had no belief in himself to be able to fix it.

Dad hates to cook, is angry to learn that the foods he has eaten all his life could have caused this. Why wasn’t he told?

His sons see him surrendering to his illness. They realized that fixing their overweight and stubborn Dad was more than changing his diet. They confronted and pressured him with love. They begin their intervention by educating him to understand about how certain foods effect blood sugar levels. He learns that if he eats correctly ( low carb) and loses some weight, he can influence his health in a positive way. He never thought about food that way.

Dad worked a lot of hours and didn’t seem to enjoy life, so his sons began to exercise with him as a part of establishing a healthy lifestyle together. While going through this process he had several important realizations: food was his hobby since he didn’t have much else in his life. Getting started was the hardest part. Now he no longer thinks about potatoes or bread and doesn’t need to eat as much food as before while losing that extra fat.

He knows that he has been eating and drinking all the wrong foods. He now accepts personal responsibility for his health, and along the way, he created an active new life that he wants to share and inspire others to do the same.

He has transformed his life and has learned to love life again.

A very important component to long term success is having a support system to help you overcome the many obstacles you will encounter on your path to better health. We are not all lucky enough to have the kind of loving support system Dad had. That is why at HEALcare® we provide, as an essential part of the program, commitment coaching by certified commitment coaches. In regularly scheduled sessions you will meet others who are also on the same path to better health. You can support and teach each other. This is in addition to working closely with your assigned Partner to assist you to manage your diet and also teach you how to deal with overcoming temptations, stressful episodes in life, vacations, holidays and how to cope with the rough patches. You will have access to your Partner via email, text and regular meetings. Help will be close by.

If you are someone who has attempted weight loss before and always give up we can help you to learn how to break that pattern and succeed, just as Dad did.

You can watch the full-length documentary on Vimeo On-Demand.


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