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“Time to say goodbye. Watch this video to learn more.”

– Dr. Eric Westman


“Time to say goodbye. Watch this video to learn more.”

– Dr. Eric Westman


“Time to say goodbye. Watch this video to learn more.”

– Dr. Eric Westman


HEAL Clinics will cease operations immediately.

Get answers to your questions and see how this affects you in the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Why are you closing HEAL Clinics?

We still believe in the validity and value of the keto approach to diabetes and obesity, but we are not positioned to capture that value. Our premium pricing model at a time when so many consumers expect free or nearly-free keto services, our inability to generate demand due to being too thinly capitalized, and a shrinking network of independent medical practices to host our clinics has contributed significantly to our conclusion that our business model is no longer suited to capitalize on the current enthusiasm for the keto lifestyle.

I’m an active HEALcare patient. What happens to my current subscription?

Your subscription will be pro-rated, and any unused portion will be refunded. You do not need to call us for a refund. You will be automatically sent a refund no later than June 15, 2019. You will also receive an email from us with resources endorsed by Dr. Eric Westman to continue your care. For questions, please email

I’ve heard Pinehurst Medical Clinic will provide a similar service for past HEALcare patients or new patients in Pinehurst, NC. Can you provide details?

The physicians at Pinehurst Medical Clinic who supported HEALcare are committed to keeping a low-carb weight loss program in Pinehurst. Details are in the works. For updates, please contact Pinehurst Medical Clinic directly: call 910-235-3174 and leave your name and contact information. Pinehurst Medical Clinic is committed to supporting health and wellness, not ongoing illness.

Why didn’t you shut down HEAL Clinics prior to the recent Online Public Offering?

We earnestly believed the Online Public Offering would carry us until our financial model turned cash-flow positive. It is clear it will not. We decided the best course of action in terms of all our stakeholders was to stop the continuing losses and wind down the business while we still had cash to pay our bills and make a “soft landing.”


Did you use all the funds from the Online Public Offering?

No. We’ve used over half of the funds in operations.


What happens to my investment?

Any funds remaining after paying final bills will be returned to our shareholders on a pro rata basis. Since our investors bought shares in the company at various price points at various times since 2014, we believe the fairest approach to doing that involves considering both the number of shares and the cash value the company received for those shares. For questions contact


Has Dr. Eric Westman benefited financially from this endeavor?

No. Spreading the word on putting diabetes and obesity into remission was Dr. Westman’s only goal. While at HEAL Clinics, Dr. Eric Westman never received a salary or a dime for his efforts. He invested only his time – and his money as Dr. Westman was also an investor.


Will the "Low Carb Support Group by Dr. Eric Westman" Facebook group continue to run?

This group will continue to run. Monthly meetings in Durham, NC as well as corresponding Facebook live streams will cease.


Will the "HEALcare for Life Low Carb Community" Facebook group continue to run?

No. This group will be shutdown. We encourage you to join the Low Carb Support Group by Dr. Eric Westman.


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