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Got the Stock Market Jitters? Now’s the Time to Invest in HEAL™ Diabetes Clinics

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With the stock market looking more like a yo-yo contest, an investment in HEAL Clinics – Diabetes & Medical Weight Loss, as a private company, makes increasing financial sense. Here’s why.

HEAL Serves a Desperate Healthcare Need

  • HEAL is building a company that serves a need so important that it is a healthcare imperative. Over one billion people in the world have either diabetes, pre-diabetes, or asymptomatic obesity (obesity is a recognized disease and thus is also a noun). All three are metabolic diseases.
  • HEAL has no organized competition using a Low-Carb Protocol to put diabetes, pre-diabetes, and obesity into remission. Individual physicians treat 95 percent of all diagnosed cases of metabolic disease using the “pills and needles” approach – blood sugar control pills and insulin shots. These medications rarely put these diseases into remission, in effect sentencing the individual to a life sentence with their disease. HEAL’s Low-Carb Protocol almost always puts these diseases into remission, often as quickly as a week or two. Like cancer, when put into remission but can always return, one’s metabolic disease can return if the Low-Carb Protocol isn’t turned into a lifestyle.

HEAL’s Stock Has Five or More Years of Insulation from Stock Market Jitters

  • Since HEAL’s “B” Non-Voting, Dividend Stock is not registered to trade publicly (as is true of 99% of all early-stage companies), it is not subject to the daily ups-and-downs of the public markets. When the Dow Jones Industrial Index plunges almost 1,100 points, as it did recently, the underlying worth of the companies represented had not changed from the day before. The Dow Jones Index of stocks suffered because of public jitters, not due to fundamental problems at a company level.
  • Like all early-stage companies, HEAL is in the building phase. It will not go public (or be acquired by another company -the most prevalent way of company shareholders getting liquidity on their shares) for an estimated five years. Looking at most recent history of the stock and real estate market, securities and real estate were overvalued in the 2008, causing the stock and real estate depression, but then recovered these losses by 2010 ~ 2013. Accordingly, HEAL will be ready to go public or sell its shares at the most likely time when the current markets will have long recovered and gone on to new highs. Five years after the big slide in the Dow Jones index (as low as 6,443 in 2009), it closed in 2013 at 15,409. HEAL is projecting that it will be at least a $200 million revenue company in five years. Going public or selling to another company at that stage is projected to give an investor 141 times his investment (over a 150% rate of return each year), compared to a typical return from the stock market of around 8% per year. In between, it makes no difference to HEAL what the stock market does.

Conclusion – Investing in a high-growth company like HEAL, a private company, makes great sense, both in terms of the social good its accomplishing, and financially, in spite of what the stock market does. In fact, one should have some percentage of their portfolio in companies like HEAL in order to have the out-sized upside available to cover public company loses in their portfolio. Now is the time to invest in HEAL, at its beginnings, to take advantage of its expected growth in size and value. Learn more about investing in HEAL here.

* Mr. Rossiter was a former senior officer with two national venture capital funds. He was also a corporate financial advisor with Morgan Stanley and Oppenheimer and Company in Newport Beach CA. He has extensive experience in healthcare. His LinkedIn profile can be viewed at

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