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High Blood Pressure Deaths on the Rise

high blood pressure bombHigh Blood Pressure Deaths on the Rise
…And How a Low-Carbohydrate Lifestyle Can Lower It

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, deaths from high blood pressure (hypertension) are on the rise. one in three U.S. adults has high blood pressure, and half of those do not have it under control. Hypertension is associated with obesity and is one of the signs of pre-diabetes and type-2 diabetes. In the last 15 years, death rates have increased 23% from hypertension, while deaths from all causes dropped 21%. The age groups most affected are 45-64 and people over 85, including both men and women, with men leading the pack. One may not know they have hypertension because there are no symptoms until it is dangerously high. Unfortunately, because of the increasing rates of obesity in kids and teens, we are seeing an increase in hypertension and strokes in children.

Chronic high blood pressure can lead to heart attack, stroke, congestive heart failure, and chronic kidney disease. One pathway to high blood pressure rarely mentioned is eating too many carbohydrates (starchy vegetables, foods high in sugar, and ones made from grains). When eating too many, and poor quality carbs (i.e., junk food instead of healthy vegetables) one’s blood sugar increases to dangerous levels.

The equation toward disease is: “Too many unhealthy carbs = more insulin production to control blood sugar levels = more salt retention = increased water in blood to balance the increased salt = more blood volume = hypertension = eventual cardiovascular diseases, and more premature deaths.”

The traditional treatment for hypertension is: control by medications along with salt restrictions, and relaxed recommendations to lose weight. The obvious problem with the medication approach is that the initial medications, because of side effects, often require even more drugs to control the side effects. One undergoes a medication side-effects snowball. As to any admonishments to lose weight, one’s average physician is notoriously ill equipped to design and especially supervise in an effective weight loss program.

HEAL Clinic practitioners have years of experience and research to back up the effectiveness of its Low-Carbohydrate Protocols to stop this process. Using a Low-Carb lifestyle like HEAL’s, one can normalize weight and blood pressure, allowing one to get off all blood pressure medications. If one has a tendency toward developing diabetes, the same Low-Carb regimen will stop the inexorable march toward diabetes, while comfortably managing hunger and cravings normally associated with so many of today’s fad diets.

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