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Holiday Season is Coming – So Are the Pounds

Yo-Yo dieting is common for many with weight challenges. According to an article published in Science Daily based on research found in the New England Journal of Medicine, people are at their lowest weight in the fall and will begin gaining from Thanksgiving thru Christmas and New Years. Most will not lose their holiday weight for about 5 months! Many will start increasing their weight by a few pounds, which can set the stage for more increases.

It is most likely to happen when people don’t have support especially at home, don’t keep regularly scheduled doctor appointments, or are too embarrassed to seek help.

Losing excess weight and maintaining your new lower weight requires not just better food choices but making behavioral changes as well. Yo-yo dieting is a habitual pattern, it can be unlearned with the right help. It’s time to commit to breaking that pattern and getting through the holidays thinner, happier, and healthier.

At HEAL we have the knowledge to work with you to lose weight without hunger and cravings. We offer regular behavioral support to learn how to break the patterns that keep you stuck, frustrated and feeling guilty. b-holiday-scaleWe can recommend tasty low carb recipes to get you through the holidays without feeling left out or deprived. Here is a great pumpkin pie recipe and a delicious hazelnut green bean side dish. And, you can’t have turkey without the gravy, right?

Now is the time to begin giving yourself the opportunity to adjust to a new way of eating, experience the benefits of low carb lifestyle, and prepare to enter the holiday season with support, knowledge, and resolve.

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