An invitation to medical
professionals from
Eric C. Westman, M.D.

Duke University Department of Medicine

HEAL President & Chief Medical Officer

Diabetes, pre-diabetes and obesity affect over half the U.S. population. While traditional treatments provide relief, they are not a cure. The in-clinic HEALcare® low-carbohydrate program integrates medical supervision, dietary guidance and commitment coaching. Based on clinical tests, the results show that nearly all patients with diabetes, pre-diabetes and obesity are put on the path to remission through the HEALcare program. This makes HEALcare an ideal complement to your practice. That’s why I invite you to explore the opportunities of becoming a HEAL Clinics host. You’ll find more details below.

— Eric C. Westman, M.D.

Healthcare Provider Host Program

How HEAL Clinics Work with Hosts

A HEAL clinic operates inside your medical practice or clinic. HEAL handles all management and staffing at no cost to you.

The Advantages to Your Medical Practice

Offering HEALcare through the HEAL Clinics Host Program can improve the health and satisfaction of your patients while providing your practice with additional patient referrals and higher revenue.

Learn More in Just Four Minutes

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Document Includes:

• Patient Remission Results

• Revenue Potential

• Clinic Setup Process

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Host Provider Prospectus


HEAL Clinics are assigned to exclusive geographic territories.

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