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How is the HEALcare® Plan Different than Other Low-Carb Diets?

The plan we use at HEALcare is not a short-term diet, but a way of eating for a lifetime. Our entire focus is to personalize a plan that will make weight loss as easy as possible, treat or prevent type 2 diabetes, and minimize medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic conditions associated with excess body fat.

There are many different levels of carb restriction on various low-carb diets. HEALcare’s version begins at a 20-gram total daily intake. Compare this to other programs which tend to use net carbs, a process that subtracts fiber and sugar alcohols. Our experience is that many metabolically-unhealthy people do not do well on a net-carb approach.

Our goal, utilizing 20 grams total per day, is to begin to rapidly correct high blood sugars, normalize high insulin levels, initiate fat burning quickly, and control hunger and cravings within a few days.

Dr. Westman and Nurse Eberstein have nearly 60 years of low-carb experience.

An important part of the HEALcare protocol is to provide a personal guide – called a Partner – to work regularly with you. Our Partners have been trained by Dr. Eric Westman and Jacqueline Eberstein, R.N. who have nearly 6 decades of combined low-carb experience. Our Partners also have on-going access to both experts to assist in troubleshooting, if needed, as you pursue your own journey.

Additionally, to make a diet into a lifestyle, especially in the unhealthy food climate that surrounds us, ongoing support is essential. Research has shown that on any weight loss plan, ongoing support increases long-term success. Our commitment coaching program fills that gap.

Learn more about the HEALcare program, fill out our free Initial Health Assessment today, and find out how HEALcare can help you!

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