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I broke my wrist – What will I eat?

No Excuses card isolated on white backgroundAs I type this – somewhat clumsily – I’ve had a cast on my left wrist for three weeks. My husband and I went to a really fun wedding; tequila* was involved. When we got home, we went out to walk the dogs, the ground was icy, and I slipped and fell. Boom! Cracked radius.

Accordingly, I have spent a few weeks learning what one can and cannot do with only one hand. Cooking is among the things that have become problematic, at best. Dicing, slicing and chopping are right out. Even opening cans is tough. You know what else is hard? Using a knife and fork.

This has narrowed my food options considerably. I’ve been subsisting on roasted chicken wings, salad from the grocery store salad bar, rotisserie chicken, omelets (my husband has to grate the cheese), and low carb chili, using instant minced onion and granulated garlic instead of fresh. You know – stuff that takes minimal cooking, and that I can eat with my hands, or with just a fork or spoon.

As well, I know that eating sugar and starch increases inflammation, which can only exacerbate pain and slow healing.

Please notice something: I have not seized on this broken wrist as an excuse to resort to pizza delivery and boxed mac-and-cheese. I can see no reason to compound an injury by undermining my general health. As well, I know that eating sugar and starch increases inflammation, which can only exacerbate pain and slow healing.

Am I bored? Yep. I love to cook, I love to try new foods. I keep flipping through cookbooks, making mental notes on flavor combinations to try when this stupid thing comes off.

But you know what I love more? Feeling good. Being well. Having a clear head – at least when there’s no excuse to drink tequila – a cheerful mood, and high, steady energy. Knowing that I’m doing everything I can to ensure that I’ll head into my old age with a strong, healthy body.

I am not looking for an excuse to eat carby junk. I don’t want it. Long ago when I did eat carbs, my brain got the message “Eat that and you’ll feel like death warmed over by bedtime.” Accordingly, I am genuinely un-tempted. I like eating low carb, though of course I’ll be happy when my cooking horizons broaden again.

I hope you aren’t going to break a wrist any time soon. But stuff happens, stuff that hampers our abilities, or eats into our time, or overwhelms us with stress, or pulls the plug on the budget. I have been in all of those places during the 20 years I’ve eaten this way. What I have learned is that there is always, always, a way to stay on track that will suit your circumstances.

You just have to choose it.

* No, unadulterated liquor is not carby, nor does it turn to sugar in the blood stream. Once you get into flavored stuff, though, all bets are off. This was 100% blue agave, and very nice, too.

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