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It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season!

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season! Too many people talk themselves into buying a box or two or more, excusing it with, “They’re traditional!” “It’s only once a year!” and the big one, “I want to support the Scouts!”

Ahem. I would like to point out that one can support the Girl Scouts without buying cookies.

I bow to no one in my love for the Girl Scouts. I was a Scout from Brownies through Cadets. My mom was my leader for all but two of those years. It was wonderful. I have so many great memories, from camping trips to craft projects to badge work, even singing at the local nursing home. Girl Scouts rock.

And that’s what I tell them. When that table of cookies and those bright, eager faces appear at my local grocery store, I tell them that I don’t eat sugar or flour, but that I was a Girl Scout, and that Girl Scouts rock! Then I give the adult in charge a few bucks for the troop – and do not take any cookies.

This does three things: It lets the girls know that I support them and their troop. It slips a few dollars into the troop treasury.  And it plants the notion in those kids’ heads that there are people who don’t eat sugar or flour. I’m hard-pressed to say which of those things is the most valuable.

Giving to the Girl Scouts is a great thing. Just don’t kid yourself that it’s a good excuse to go off-plan.

(If anyone from Girl Scouts International is reading this: Trefoil-shaped boxes of mixed nuts would be awesome. Just sayin’.)

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  1. Avatar

    Girl Scouts have Fall sales including tins of NUTS!!!!

  2. Avatar

    Also, as a former troop leader, let me say that the troop gets a small percentage of the sales, but money donated to the troop, or “tips” go right to the troop.

    • Dana Carpender

      Yup, I knew that. Most of the cookie money goes to Girl Scouts International, while a donation to the troop stays with the troop.


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