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“It’s the Real Thing” – Coke Ads, Then and Now

jeff coke commercial“I’d like to buy the world a drink, that doesn’t cause DISEASE!” (scroll down for video)

I remember the 1971 “Real Thing” commercial. I liked it even though I didn’t drink sugary sodas. It was happy and slick. It showed healthy, lean, and young people from various nations holding a Coke singing to a catchy tune about harmony, love, and honey bees.

Looking back it reminds me of the many cigarette commercials with handsome rugged men and sexy couples implying you would have more fun because you smoked.

Fast forward to now and a remake of the Coke commercial done by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Dr. Jeffry Gerber, a Low-Carb practitioner known as the Denver Diet Doctor and an investor in and strong supporter of HEAL Clinics, played a role in the remake of the commercial. He even sings.

Unfortunately, all those nice associations with sugary drinks haven’t come true. We would be hard pressed to find all of those lean young people in our streets today. Rather we see overweight and obese individuals everywhere, some of this the results of slick, expensive, and subtle advertising that bombard us and now our kids.

I like the parody of the “Real Thing” since it tells it like it really is – sugary drinks are a horrible way to maintain health, significantly contributing to our overdosing on sugar and carbohydrates, often leading to diabetes, pre-diabetes, and obesity.

Watch the original 1971 commercial here:

And the new version, “Change the tune on Soda” here:


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