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Low-Carb Holiday Gift List

I debated how to aim this article. If you’re reading this, you’re likely to be in the HEALcare® community and I assume you’re not buying your own holiday gifts. Since I know that even I occasionally send links to That Nice Boy I Married with a note saying, “This would make an awesome present. Just sayin’,” I figured some of you will tag a relative with this list.

Also, some of you may well have friends or family members who are also eating low-carb and might find these ideas useful for them. Food gifts are always popular, but holiday standards, like cookies, candy, and fruit cake are out. So, what do you give the low-carber on your gift list?

Regularly-scheduled meat delivery!
* My publisher once subscribed me to the Bacon of the Month Club. It was awesome! Based out of Michigan, Zingerman’s not only has a bacon club, but an artisan cheese club, a meat-and-cheese club, and even a Parmegiano Reggiano club.

Subscribe to cheese!
* My husband gets expensive cheese in his stocking instead of candy, usually a wedge each of four-year-old Gouda and Stilton, plus a bar of Cabot’s Vermont cheddar.

Do you like nuts?
* My Alabama-dwelling father-in-law sends us huge, beautiful pecans every Christmas, and they’re wonderful. Or how about a big container of those pricey macadamias?

The benevolence of the butcher
* My local specialty butcher sells gift cards. Maybe yours does, too! Try Eat Wild if you need everything, including the farm, to be local!

For the chocolate fan
* Chocolate never goes amiss. Give a few of ChocoPerfection’s sugar-free chocolate bars.


A few additional low-carb gift ideas:


New to low-carb eating?
* For the low-carb newbie, give the gift that keeps on giving: the gift of cookbooks! Sure, my latest — 500 Ketogenic Recipes: Hundreds of Easy and Delicious Recipes for Losing Weight, Improving Your Health, and Staying in the Ketogenic Zone — is a great choice, but there are plenty of good low-carb cookbooks on the market.

Make sure whichever cookbook you buy, it includes nutrition stats and is genuinely low-carb. I’ve seen “low-carb” cookbooks that include ingredients like sugar, flour, rice, potatoes, and other concentrated carbs. They have the temerity to call 25-30 grams of carbohydrate per serving “low.” Yikes.

Are you in ketosis?
* I love my Ketonix breath ketone meter! There are no strips to buy, there’s no peeing on sticks, and no finger pricks. It’s more accurate than Ketostix, too.

If they’ve got it, encourage them to flaunt it!
* Has a low-carber in your life shrunk a size or two? A gift card to a favorite clothing boutique is just the thing. Help them celebrate their new body!

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    A homemade gift idea could be to make almond flour-based baked goods such as crackers with flax and/or chia seeds and a hint of garlic or basil or any spice you like, a loaf of bread, or muffins. I made the best almond flour muffins with pieces of fresh strawberries in them as a gift for my GF sister and she loved them.


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