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Mockahlua 2017

There is a Mockahlua recipe in 500 Low-Carb Recipes, but it uses Splenda granular — the sweetener that was available at the time —  and so it includes those maltodextrin carbs. With a liquid sweetener — sucralose, monk fruit, or Stevia — we can eliminate them. Use the Mockahlua in place of any recipe that calls for Kahlua, such as my delicious Mudslides!


Yield: 1.5 liters
Servings: 32


  • 2 ½ cups water
  • 3 Tbsp instant coffee granules
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • liquid sweetener to equal 3 cups sugar* — I used 1 tablespoon Natural Mate liquid monk fruit
  • 750 milliliters vodka


  1. You’ll need a clean 1.5-liter bottle with a cork; I used an old wine bottle. Mix the water, instant coffee granules, vanilla, and sweetener together. Use a funnel to pour this into your bottle.
  2. Pour in the vodka. Cork the bottle and shake. That’s it!

Recipe Notes:

Yield: 32 servings, each with: 0g Fat; 0g Protein; trace net carbohydrate

You can, of course, simply drink your Mockahlua straight or on the rocks.  Want to add a shot to a cup of coffee? Mix it 50/50 with heavy cream for an after-dinner drink that doubles as a dessert.

* Liquid sweeteners — monk fruit, Stevia, or sucralose — are pretty much carb-free. It is essential to know the sweetness equivalence of the particular sweetener you are using — how many drops equal a teaspoon of sugar in sweetness, and so on. They vary a great deal in sweetness. If you’re uncertain, contact the manufacturer’s website and ask! The Natural Mate monk fruit I used in my Mockahlua has a sweetness equivalence of 2 drops = 1 teaspoon of sugar.

This recipe has been reprinted by permission from 500 Ketogenic Recipes by Dana Carpender, Fair Winds Press, 2017.

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