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Men Should Eat More Fat

fit senior man exercising at the beachA new study reported in stated that one should eat more natural fats and cut down on carbohydrate consumption – the exact opposite of the health messages we have been subjected to for decades. Given the poor health and nutritional state of most Americans from eating diets dominated by carbohydrates, change to a Low-Carb lifestyle is certainly in order.

The study done at Tulane University School of Public Health compared the typical low-fat, high-carb diet based on guidelines from the National Cholesterol Education Program to a Low-Carb diet.

Results across the board demonstrated that the Low-Carb regimen won hands down in all categories. After one year, the Low-Carb group presented with more weight loss, more body-fat loss, and more preservation of lean mass. Folks on the low-fat diet lost more muscle mass – not a good thing.

Of primary importance, this study disproves several myths that continue to be leveled at Low-Carb diets. The Low-Carb group had better improvement in cardiovascular risk factors such as HDL, LDL (the two forms of cholesterol), and triglycerides. The low-fat group showed no improvement. This reduction in 10-year cardiac risk was achieved while eating significantly more natural fats and cutting out processed, highly refined carbs.

This is one more study that adds to our knowledge that getting back to eating whole, minimally processed foods and significantly lowering our carbohydrate intake, while including natural fats in our diet, is the way humans need to eat to be healthy.

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