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Reduce or Eliminate Halloween Sweets

Halloween, aka National Sugar Overdose Day, is just one week away. I better hurry up and throw you a lifeline! Here are some suggestions.

  • Give away something other than candy. My sister Kim, a teacher, has been known to offer little gimcrack toys – stickers, temporary tattoos, little plastic animals, tiny bottles of bubble liquid, and the like – and reports a good response. Check the dollar store.*
  • Kim has also given away little packets of peanuts. If you’re thinking “But what about the kids with peanut allergies?!” Ask yourself if you’d have the same reaction to Snickers bars or peanut M&Ms? Regardless, see my above suggestions if you need to avoid peanuts.
  • If you must give out candy, do not buy your personal favorite. Buy your personal least favorite. Surely there’s at least one form of candy you never liked. (For me that would be Twizzlers.) That’s what you should be handing out to the costumed hordes so that you’re not tempted by any leftovers.
  • If you have children, the chances are they will come home with ridiculous quantities of candy. This is not great for them, and downright dangerous for you. Consider letting them choose five to ten kinds of candy that are their favorites, and drop the rest off at the local homeless shelter. Freeze the candy you’ve let them keep and dole it out a piece at a time rather than let them devour it all in 48 hours. This is better for them, and keeps the candy out of sight most of the time.
  • This would be a good time to pick up a sugar-free chocolate bar or two. I suggest Chocoperfection or Lily’s sugar free chocolates. Remember that sugar-free does not mean carb-free! You still have to count the carbs.

*I grew up next door to my dentist, and can advise with some authority that you not give away toothbrushes. It’s a sure-fire way to wind up getting either toilet-paper tented or egged. My husband adds that you should not give out pencils, as his teacher-mother did. They wound up scattered all over the lawn.

I’d enjoy hearing back about some of the low-carb, non-sugar alternatives you’ve found to be welcomed by kids.

Happy Halloween!

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