Sugar-Free Chocolate Mousse

Light, creamy, decadent chocolate mousse. Try other flavors too. If it’s a sugar-free pudding mix, it can be a delicious mousse. Mmmm.


Servings: 8


  • 1 (1.4 oz) box sugar-free pudding mix (I used chocolate, any flavor works well)
  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream


  1. Put the entire packet of sugar-free pudding mix in a medium bowl, and add the whipping cream
  2. With an electric mixer, whip on high for about one minute (until thick)
  3. Divide into 8 even servings (not 4 like the box says)
  4. Serve

Recipe Notes:

Yield: 8 servings, each with: 22g Fat; 1g Protein; 2g carbohydrates

The number of servings one should eat in a sitting will depend upon your daily carbohydrate limit.

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  1. The small one. that uses a 1:1 ratio.

  2. Don’t you think the use of artificial sweeteners (found in the sugar free pudding) will make a dessert that is a HEALfood a food that is a HARMfood? I love the idea of people losing weight and changing years of habits through your program- but I had hoped to hear your beliefs were promoting a Real Food plan :/

    • Eric C. Westman, MD, MHS

      Thanks for your comment. One of the strengths of HEALcare is that it meets people “where they are.” If HEALcare did not allow for non-sugar sweeteners then most of the people who are addicted to sugar would not be able to “get off sugar.” Another principle of HEALcare is that “the goal is progress, not perfection.” Many people with lifelong dietary health issues are helped by incremental changes, and cannot do it all at once. The science has shown that carbohydrate restriction can accomplish amazing health benefits when non-sugar sweeteners are allowed on the program. After the “sweet tooth” has subsided, HEALcare advises elimination of non-sugar sweeteners.

      • Dr. Westman, what sugar substitutes do you recommend?

        Kind Regards, Joseph

        • Eric C. Westman, MD, MHS

          Anything that is 0 or <1g carbohydrate per serving, and is NOT sugar.

          • Dr. Westman, what about 100% stevia? Is the fact that it is natural make it superior to something like splenda?

          • you mean like the aspartame type of sugar substitutes that actively contribute to body harm. id take my chances with the sugar at low gram levels. we cant get that pudding in australia. can you recommend an alternate base.

      • I agree with other comments questioning these sweet recipes. After really enjoying browsing the HEAL website and being thankful that low carb is finally gaining momentum as a diabetes and obesity cure, I absolutely cringed once I got to the recipe page and found that the first 7(!) recipes were desserts! It really sends the wrong message to people who are new to this or who continue to struggle with sugar addiction. There are only 10 recipes total so 70% being sweets is an inappropriate ratio and doesn’t accurately depict the foods that should be the real focus with this lifestyle. I understand your comment that some people need to still have a sweet option but I’d argue that it actually makes it even more difficult to get rid of the sweet tooth for good. A healthy compromise would be to show low carb meal recipes with an appropriate ratio of dessert recipes. It would make this page just another point of strength to help people shift their mindset and focus away from the sweets. All that said, I understand that the time and energy going into the work of HEAL must be huge and I am thankful for all who contribute but I do hope to see a different focus with future recipes.

        • Most people starting out Low carb, panic, if they can’t eat sweets. As someone who is LCHF, I was addicted to sugar and having these in the beginning was a life saver to keep me on track and give me the feelings of still being successful at the end of the day. After a short period of time, you/I no longer crave the sugar and sweets; I just don’t want them. It works itself out. Someone truly on LCHF won’t look at these recipes twice in the days to come, but someone who eats sugar everyday will be more successful with that little bit of sweet to get them through a day of LCHF eating when its new to them.

    • Dana Carpender

      The notion that “natural” is synonymous with “safe” does not hold up to even the briefest scrutiny. Furthermore, I’ve seen artificially sweetened “bridge foods” scornfully referred to as “candy cigarettes.” I think a better analogy would be Nicorette. If it lets you walk away from something that is actively killing you, it’s a good thing.

      • I totally agree with you, Dana (and with Dr. Westman). As a long-term low carber with a seemingly unquenchable sweet tooth, often the only thing between me and a Hershey bar is a low carb, high fat, artifically sweetened fat bomb. Yes, in a perfect world, I wouldn’t be eating any sweets, but I haven’t ever gotten to that perfect world. And I’m never sure how highly processed beet or cane sugar is somehow more “natural” than an artificial sweetener.
        Btw, I’ve been making a similar pudding for years using 1/2 water and 1/2 cream. Guess I hadn’t thought of using all cream–yum!

  3. Please, what size box of pudding? there are about 3 sizes. Thank you!

    • Ginger Namgostar

      Well spotted! Sorry that bit of info is missing. I’ve added it to the recipe. It is a 1.4 oz size box. Thank you for visiting our site!


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