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Surgery or Diet for Obesity & Diabetes?

surgery hamburgerAs our obesity statistics continue to rise, more articles tout favorable weight loss and diabetes improvement after gastric reduction surgery. For the short term, the numbers look good. However, do the improvements last?

An interesting report in JAMA Surgery looked at five-year results after a sleeve gastrectomy, one type of stomach reduction surgery. This procedure removes about 85% of the stomach leaving a volume of two to five ounces in the shape of a banana. The way it is supposed to work is that because of a smaller stomach, one feels full sooner and stops eating leading to weight loss.sleeve gastrectomy

The study followed 443 adults in Israel, and reported results at one, three, and five years post-op. A number of parameters were followed such as weight loss, blood pressure, LDL cholesterol levels, and remission of type-2 diabetes.

Remember that chronic diseases that frequently accompany obesity such as high blood pressure, poor cardiovascular health and diabetes must be controlled for a lifetime.
It’s not like an infection that goes away after a course of antibiotics.

The study reported that at one year, the percent of excess weight loss was 76.8% but dropped to only 56.1% at five years. High blood pressure remission at one year was 46.3% and remained fairly constant at five years at 45.5% The most disappointing result was diabetes remission at one year which was 50.7%, but was only 20% at five years. These results are hardly likely to ensure a longer, healthier lifetime for the 80% of individuals with diabetes who returned to their old levels.

When people suffer from hunger, they are told they need to learn to live with hunger if they want to lose weight. Very few of us can live that way for very long.

Are surgical options being suggested before all other avenues are exhausted? Even obese teens are being subjected to surgical procedures because they have failed at dieting. Most people try to lose weight by cutting calories, the old calories-in, calories-out method. When people suffer from hunger, they are told they need to learn to live with hunger if they want to lose weight. Very few of us can live that way for very long.

Many people also fail from lack of support. Research shows that with any diet, people are more successful when they have on-going support. Learning how to make better choices and developing a healthier relationship with food is a must and takes continual bolstering and guidance as found in the support program offered by HEAL.

The HEAL Low-Carb Protocol does not rely on calorie counting and one is never expected to learn to live with hunger. In fact, cravings are eliminated and one feels satisfyingly full after eating a meal with fat and protein (and healthy carbs such as broccoli and avocados).

One is not left to one’s own devices. HEAL does not want any of its patients to fall back into old patterns. That is why an important component of The HEAL Protocol includes coaching to help transition from a new lifestyle into a program for life. The HEAL Protocol is a sure-fire way to decrease one’s risks of the debilitating complications of diabetes.

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