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Tammy Gentry’s Success Story

My story begins in August 2014 when I went for my yearly check up with my family doctor. I knew I had let myself go and gained weight, but I had no idea how much until I stepped on the scales and it went up to 347! My first thought was “That couldn’t be right.”  When I stepped into her office, she took one look at me and my lab numbers and said, “You will die if you don’t get your weight and diabetes under control.”  My A1C had gone up to 8.2 and my triglycerides were up to 790.  I never thought I would let myself go like this. She increased my Metformin to 1000mg a day and started me on three different blood pressure and heart medications. She also put me on a statin to reduce my cholesterol.

I had suffered from Severe Fibromyalgia since 1992.I was going to a Pain Management facility every six weeks, where they would inject 16 trigger shots in my neck and back. Every 3 months, I was receiving facet injections in my neck and back. I was on 3 different strong pain medicines. I was in such bad shape that I had to set my alarm for 30 minutes early just to get up and sit on the side of the bed to get my body moving enough to get going for the day. Some days I would just stay in bed because my body ached all over. My legs ached so bad, I had to take medications for Restless Legs Syndrome. I was on family leave from my job, because it was unknown which days I’d get up and find I couldn’t function.

Fast Forward two months. I decided to take control of my life and get well because my daughter wanted to have a baby and she told she must lose weight to have a baby without problems. She asked me to do this with her. I met this wonderful doctor at a meeting at our work place and I thought, I can do this plan. I made an appointment with Dr. Eric Westman the next day. This man saved my life and I tell every person I know about his HEALcare “No Starch — No Sugar” plan. I was not able to see him for 3 months but I took the papers he gave me and did the plan on my own until my appointment. I was shocked to lose 30 pounds before my first appointment. Today, I have lost 117 pounds and I feel like a new person.  I AM A NEW PERSON. I am off all medications, and my diabetes, high blood pressure, and fibromyalgia are in remission, where I strive to KEEP them forever. I now have a new, healthy life to live with my only daughter who also lost 75 pounds, and my new granddaughter Lori, who was born healthy in December 2016.

I am so passionate about this plan that I now run a support group of over 500 people in my local County in NC. We meet monthly to go over our plan and give support to our members who are following Dr. Westman’s HEALcare® plan.   I work with HEALcare Director of Engagement, Melanie Miller as an Ambassador for HEAL. Melanie Miller with HEAL Clinics has helped give me the encouragement to empower others on the plan. I enjoy the satisfaction of helping others.

I highly recommend the HEALcare plan to anyone who wants to take their life back. It works and I am proud to be part of the team. I thank God daily for blessing me with a new life.


Learn more about the HEALcare program here.

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    Hi, what did you do to get started? Could you provide links or information?

    • Ginger Namgostar

      Hi Gretchen!

      Please visit The first step to learning more about our program is to fill out our free, no obligation Initial Health Assessment. This provides our nurse withe the information she needs to determine where in our program you would begin. Thank you for your interest!

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    Very encouraging Tammy! Thanks so much for your amazing story, it makes me so thankful that too have found out about this remarkable eating plan, and I too share it with others. I’ve been eating LCHF less than 2 weeks but have already had changes, no nasal drip, lol, and my TMJ is gone, WOW. Imagine my A1c and other #’s in 3 months!

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    Congratulations, Tammy. I have no association with this doctor but I know this way of eating works. I lost 70 pounds and have kept it off for 2 years now. Some people cannot tolerate starch/sugar. This has been so controversial for human medicine, though horse people have known for a long time that some horses are “easy keepers” — they can’t eat grain or other sweet feed or they get a metabolic syndrome and ultimately lose the ability to stand on their feet, which means death. I discovered this way of eating years ago when a dentist put me on it for my teeth and all of a sudden I was losing weight and feeling great. I have fought weight since childhood — I’m 61 now. Every time I went back to a “normal” diet, I gained the weight back. People need to think of this not as a diet but as the way you eat now. Because I’ve eaten this way for the last 5 years and it will be lifelong, I include “special days” — when I’m invited for a holiday dinner or to a party, I treat myself. No food in the world is worth feeling as bad as I felt when heavy — not only physically but my self-confidence.

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    Tammy – Wonderfully inspiring life story you have! I’m in NC as well and am struggling to get going full fledged with this LCHF lifestyle. Where in NC do you meet?

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    Wow, Tammy! I had no idea girl! I’m so proud of you & you are a wonderful inspiration to me!! I’m in awe at what you’ve been through & all you’ve achieved! I needed to read this today! Love you!!

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    My start weight, coincidentally, was 347! January, 2017. I’ve only been eating low carb/no sugar for less than a week but I already feel better and am in it for the long run. Kudos to you. Congratulations!

    • Tammy Gentry

      Thank you so much!!! Good luck on your journey! You can do this. Please let me know if I can help you.

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    Tammy, your story and photos are so encouraging! I’ve fallen off the LCHF wagon since the holidays and you inspire me to get back on! thank you.

    • Tammy Gentry

      Thanks Carol! Please jump back on the wagon. I am living proof this plan works. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

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    Tammy I am so proud of you. I know I need to start this. I am on three blood pressure medicines, statin for my cholesterol, I have hypertension and Type 2 diabetes. I have your papers, I just need to get it together.

    • Tammy Gentry

      Thank you Molly! I am here for your and you let me know when you are ready. I will always help you. You CAN DO THIS !!!


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