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The Emperor Has No Clothes

As I write this, a check with my name on it is on its way across the country. It makes me an investor in the HEAL Diabetes and Medical Weight Loss Clinics.

There are other things I could have done with that money, God knows – replaced my chipped old kitchen counters, gone to Europe for the first time, bought a newer car than the 2002 Camry with 124,000 miles on it that I currently drive. I have chosen to invest in HEAL.

Will I make money? I sure hope so; I think the chances are very good. But, honestly, that’s not why I’m doing it. Here’s why. I am angry. Calculatedly and righteously angry.

People are being lied to. They are being told that once they are diabetic, they have no choice but to be on medication for life.

People are being lied to. They are being told that once they are diabetic, they have no choice but to be on medication for life. They are being told that it is a foregone conclusion that they will need more medication as time goes by. They are being told that they should keep track of their carbohydrate intake, sure, but to eat those “healthy whole grains,” and to make sure to cover their carbohydrate intake with medication. Many are being told that because of their medication they must eat a certain quantity of carbohydrate at every meal, or risk dangerous hypoglycemia. They are being told that because diabetics are at increased risk for heart disease, they must strictly limit dietary fat and cholesterol.

As a result of being lied to, people are dying. Worse, before they die, they are being maimed – losing their feet, their vision, their kidneys. They are being robbed not only of their money, but of dancing at a daughter’s wedding, of seeing a grandson hit a home run, of being able to explore the cities they visit on vacation, and countless years off of their lives, all spent instead on countless hours on dialysis.

That diabetics will eventually develop complications – nerve damage, impaired circulation, accelerated aging, blindness, loss of limbs, kidney failure, wounds that won’t heal – is simply presented as virtually inevitable. They are not told that it is, to a great degree, the standard approach to “controlling” blood sugar that accounts for diabetics having more than double the risk of heart disease than the general population, a more than 30% risk of being unable to walk as far as a quarter-mile, and nearly that risk of being unable to climb a flight of stairs.

And it gets worse. Those people, the ones being led to the slaughter, are being blamed for their plight. Diabetes is, more often than not, a disease that strikes those who are overweight, or even obese. Most people are told that type 2 diabetes and obesity are a result of a character flaw, just a matter of eating too much and exercising too little – those old deadly sins, sloth and gluttony. If those people would just put down the Pringles and the remote and go for a walk, they wouldn’t be in this

…studies have repeatedly shown that the obese eat less than thin people, not more. They are unaware that eating less triggers the body to conserve energy by slowing metabolism, making people tired, not thin.

Most people are unaware that studies have repeatedly shown that the obese eat less than thin people, not more. They are unaware that eating less triggers the body to conserve energy by slowing metabolism, making people tired, not thin. They have no idea how hard so many fat people are trying to lose weight.

I know. I was one of them. You know how I got up to 200 pounds at five-foot-two? By eating lots of healthy whole grains, low fat dairy products, skinless chicken, “lite” mayonnaise and salad dressing and such. Cheerios and skim milk for breakfast, whole wheat pasta with fat-free sauce for supper. And I was doing five step aerobics classes per week. For my pains, I wound up a size 20 with high blood pressure and nasty energy swings.

I never got to the point where I was morbidly obese, but it is very clear to me that I could have. I live every day with the knowledge that all it would take is about 18 month’s inattention to diet and exercise, and I could be a size 24, no problem. I was trying so hard, and I only got fatter and sicker.

A lucky purchase, for which I’ll be forever grateful, of a used nutrition book from the 1950s led to my abrupt shift to a low carbohydrate diet. I am not skinny, but I am a size 12 instead of a size 20. I have tons of energy – I walk, I do yoga, I lift weights. I am healthy. And despite it being clear that I have a damaged carbohydrate metabolism, recent blood work shows my HbA1c, the measure of average blood sugar over the previous three months, at a glorious 4.4 (6 and over is one of the markers for pre-diabetes).

When I see people in the grocery store, the ones who are morbidly obese, the ones who are struggling to get up and down the aisles, and, as is so often the case, they have a cart loaded with whole wheat bread, and fat-free (sugar-filled) yogurt and bran cereal and low fat cheese and skinless chicken breast and fat free dressing, I can barely restrain myself. I feel like the kid in the old tale The Emperor’s New Clothes – you know, the one who said “But he’s naked!” I want to run up to total strangers, grab them by the lapels, and holler “NO! DON’T DO IT! IT’S A LIE, ALL A LIE!”

donut and drugs

…diabetics “deserve” to eat the same “delicious” foods as everyone else, and should just cover it with medication. This is akin to telling the parents of a peanut-allergic child that their child “deserves” to eat the same peanut butter cups as his friends; he can just “cover it” with his Epi-Pen.

Who is telling these lies? Follow the money. Diabetes is a multi-billion dollar industry, which explains why all of the highest-level donors of the American Diabetes Association are drug and medical supply companies. What motivation do they have to teach diabetics to control their blood sugar and prevent complications through diet alone? One “diabetes educator” with the American Diabetes Association stated that diabetics “deserve” to eat the same “delicious” foods as everyone else, and should just cover it with medication. This is akin to telling the parents of a peanut-allergic child that their child “deserves” to eat the same peanut butter cups and Nutter Butter cookies as his friends; he can just “cover it” with his Epi-Pen. It is homicidal madness, – evil and destructive.

Then there are the magazines of “diabetic recipes” I see at the grocery store checkout counter – the ones that function as advertising for the big food processors, who reap billions from selling addictive, dangerous food.

Don’t believe them. They’re swindlers, just like the ones who sold the Emperor his non-existent suit, only infinitely crueler.

You do not have to have high blood sugar. You do not have to be on medication for the rest of your life. You do not have to lose your feet, your vision, and your kidneys. You do not have die ten years before your time. You can be well – bloomingly, vigorously well, and it can happen far faster than you imagine.

All you have to do is stop eating poison. If you are medicated, you will need a doctor’s supervision while you make the shift. And support and coaching during a major lifestyle change is vital. This is why HEAL exists – to help you make the transition, to monitor you as you come off of medication, and to teach you the ropes of this new way of eating.

But once you’ve made the transition, learned this lifestyle, made this change, it’s yours, for the rest of your long, healthy life.

Please, let us teach you. For the sake of your feet, for the sake of your kidneys, for the sake of your vision. For the sake of your loved ones, and the loved ones yet to come. Let us help set you free.

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    I have found Dana’s cook books some of the most interesting and easy to use – having been cooking for over 60 years. I am, therefore, not surprised that she has invested in the HEALclinics. (I have just written to to them find out whether that large country above your border is included) All I can say about carbs is that the original Atkins programme worked very well for me some years ago, but have a diabetic husband who finds it almost impossible to give up potatoes (cauliflower is NOT an acceptable alternative) and insists on porridge (Scots spelling) and toast for breakfast! I really hate cooking two separate meals! Apologies for rambling on!

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    Great article. I want to eat a keto diet but just had gastric bypass 4 months ago and still can’t eat animal protein easily. I’ve lost 40 lbs with 30-40 to go. My A1C is still up above 6 and still have burning in the bottoms of my feet at times. I thought an article I read by Dr Fung was very good and the first time I’ve heard anything like it. Elevated insulin, he says, is the problem but there are many reasons for this and cutting out carbs is not always the fix. It you have elevated insulin due to elevated cortisol from being in pain, a low carb diet won’t cause weight loss. I have so confused as to why a low carb diet works for some and a vegan diet works for some. If there was 1 truth then one of those diets wouldn’t work right?

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    Carbs for many leads to Obesity which too often leads to Diabetes which we doctors treat to varying levels of sucess
    Unfortunately our most powerful tool for blood sugar control is INSULIN which promotes, you guessed it MORE WEIGHT gain!
    Doctors are never taught to limit the CARBS

    In addition to adverse outcomes above there is also an increased risk of Alzhiemer’s and Cancer

      • Eric Westman MD MHS

        For most people, restricting carbs will lead to reduced insulin levels which then leads to fat burning and reduced caloric intake. In my experience, even elevated cortisol levels and chronic pain can be overcome with a Low-Carb diet, but the dietary carbs may have to be less than 20 grams for the entire day.

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    thank you Dana for speaking your mind on such an important topic. I too am angry about the lies and miseducation out there that keep our loved ones sick and dying. I am trying not to be one of them and educate myself and try to show people by example. But many just won’t listen.

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    Bravo Dana! What a well written article!

    I am such a believer in HEAL Clinics. The time for change has arrived. People need to know that there is a much better approach to diabetes than they are being told.

    As a low carber of 5 years, I have to say that this is the easiest and tastiest way to not only lose weight but to get my blood sugars stable. I suffered from hypoglycemia for YEARS before I learned the Low Carb High Fat way of living. And to think, I was following the path I “thought” was best; to have a protein and some type of whole grain with fruit for breakfast every day. And every day I would experience a major sugar plunge mid-morning. My doctor did nothing about it. He acted like I was being silly for being concerned since my HbA1c was in the normal range. Trust me, there is nothing “normal” about the plunges I was experiencing especially knowing that my grandmother developed Type 2 diabetes in her late 50s. I had daily uncontrollable shakes, chill bumps, and would get so light-headed I feared passing out every day around mid-morning. I knew if I kept the current course, I would eventually develop diabetes just like my grandmother did.

    Introduce a low carb diet, keeping the protein in my breakfast but ditching the wheat and fruit, adding some nice healthy fats and maybe a low carb veggie and viola! I am steady Freddy all day long! And have been for over 5 years! NO MORE PLUNGES! It is amazing and the food is yummo!

    My hope is that HEAL Clinics will make it possible for more and more people to know that there is an alternate way to treat what ails them and it isn’t always taking another pill!

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    Well stated Dana! I am so hopeful the movement is gaining the traction it feels like. It would be so wonderful to be preaching to more than the choir! Thanks for the work you and all the others do. I, too, am considering an investment because I believe not only in the science but I think this particular venture is also addressing the business side where so many times we fail. Happy venturing!


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