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Who’s the Joker?

So many experts have extolled the virtues of so many foods and diets that one might think that choosing how to eat is like picking a card from a full deck, with jokers included. We have marked the deck to make it easier to avoid the jokers and find the benefits of a high fat and moderate protein lifestyle, our Ace of Spades.

I’m one of HEAL’S co-founders (the business guy) and my partner, co-founder is Eric Westman, MD, MHS, HEAL’s Chief Medical Officer. Jacqueline Eberstein, R.N. is HEAL’s Director of Medical Protocol. She is an expert in the area of eating low-carb, and both she and Eric have published many articles and books about the benefits of eating low-carb. There is strong scientific research behind our low-carb approach. It works just as effectively for non-medical weight loss even if one doesn’t have diabetes, pre-diabetes, or obesity. It’s a lifestyle, not a diet. HEAL is building a chain of low-carb based wellness clinics across the country with our first one in Durham NC.

To tantalize one a bit, when using this approach, whether to put diabetes into remission or to lose weight, one does not count calories, but carbs. No need to count calories because eating fat and protein makes one feel full quickly, thus this approach contains its own build-in appetite supressant.

Research shows that cholesterol (especially when eating low carb) is not harmful. See one discussion in the cover story of Time Magazine, “Eat Fat” (6-12-14). In low-carb, eating fat instead of carbs is how the body gets its energy. In fact, the brain’s preferred fuel is fat, not carbs. Low-carb works just as well if not better, even for active athletes, to supply one’s body with energy derived from fat.

Not counting the small volume from vitamins and minerals, all carbs (i.e., all sugar, starches and grains) have two main constituents, fiber and various forms of dextrose. The fiber is expelled from the body and all the dextorse is converted into blood sugar. Excess blood sugar inflames one’s arteries and veins. The repeated swelling from eating too many carbs creates cracks in arteries near the heart, which plaque then covers over as a natural response, producing problems with one’s heart and other organs over time. In the extremities, where blood flow is not as strong as in the torso, the inflammatory swelling kills the small capillaries, creating the need for amputations in advanced or untreated diabetes.

An additional benefit of a high fat and moderate protein diet (accompanied by healthy vegetables) is that one feels full during the day, without cravings. It stops the high carb diet’s vicious craving cycle. It’s now apparent that the joker is really our current unhealthy eating of too many carbs, and our Ace of Spades is a life-style of eating healthy protein and fat.

Learn more about our HEALcare program here.

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    What a great article. This really hits home. Thanks for sharing.

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    I am a female, 68 years old, carry most of my weight in my stomach area. I have been on The keto diet for a year and can’t get the weight off. I am:
    Height: 5’1″

    Starting Weight: 1-1-16. 165 lbs.

    Present Weight: 150 lbs

    I have been diabetic since 1995
    I am insulin resistant
    I have had troubles with my feet (neurothapy)
    And my eyes (can’t remember the word)

    Haven’t kept tabs on Macros or
    I avoid all whites: Breads, Pasta, Cereals, Crackers, Pancakes Waffles, Cookies, Cakes, Sodas, etc.
    I Eat: Beef, Chicken, Fish, Eggs,
    Pork, Bacon, Lamb, Pepperoni

    Veggies: Salad Greens, tomato, onion, radishes, red peppers, cukes, cauliflower, celery

    Dairy: Cheese, Heavy Whipping Cream in Coffee ( 2 tbs. a day)
    Cheese ( Kerrygold hard, Jarlsburg semi soft) Cream Cheese
    Fry in Butter, Coconut Oil
    Coffee: 1 a day Tea: Occasionally
    Water: when thirsty.

    I eat out once or twice a week and try to stick to things above,
    But I have slipped here and there with home fries at breakfast, or bread.

    I so need to get to the bottom of this forever weight stall. My health is suffering, as you can well imagine. I carry most of my weight in the stomach area.
    My goal weight at 5’1″ is: 110 lbs, I am a small person. So I Need to lose these dangerous 40 lbs.

    I would be so grateful for any advice. My exercise has been limited due to back trouble, and feet problems, but I can get around well in the house as far as walking. My favorite hobby and pastime was major walking, but it is somewhat painful and limited now and has been since 2007.

    As you look over my information, i would appreciate anything you can think of that I can add to all of this, what i may need to add in to
    all of this. ThanK you so very much for taking the time to read this, any any info you can give to help me with this major stall. I have only list aboard 15 lbs. in a year and a half. I waiting on a Blood Ketone/Glucose Meter I Just purchased, hoping that info would
    help. I haven’t kept tabs on Ketones at all.

    I am connected with Dr. West-man on Facebook Messanger, and my e-mail address is:

    Thank you again for any help in my desperate attempt at getting healthy.

    Elaine Andolino

    PS: control my diabetes with food
    I am on no medications.

    • Jacqueline Eberstein, RN


      Congratulations for losing as much as you have and for being off meds.

      There are many reasons for slow weight loss. Women have a difficult time especially when you are postmenopausal and are getting older. I am the same age as you and I must be very strict. Doing as much exercise as you are able can help with insulin resistance. Follow measurements not the scale. Losing inches is a better reflection of fat loss.

      Concentrate on your health not the scale.

      You must follow 20 grams of total carbs and not overeat protein. Even small cheats will set you back. I recommend you be 100%.
      You have had diabetes for a long time. Keep doing the right thing regardless of the slowness of the scale.

      Hope this helps.

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    I hope someone from Cape Coral Fl picks up this program. Would love to go.

    • Ginger Namgostar

      Hi Barb,
      Thank you for your interest. A good place to start, is by filling out our Initial Health Assessment. Doing this will give you an idea what level of the program you may be eligible for. We do have a non-medical program which may allow you to participate without visiting a medical clinic. Also, in filling out the form, your name will be placed in a database and when a clinic opens in your area you will be notified right away. There are plans to have a clinic in Florida within the next year. Stay tuned!


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